• PCCP Pipe Slurry Coater

PCCP Pipe Slurry Coater

PCCP Pipe Mortar Coating Machine

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1.DN600-1600*6000mm Horizontal Concrete Spraying Machine

1.1 Tube core rotation speed:10-30rpm, Pipe hoisting car travel speed:0.5-4m/min, adopt frequency adjust the speed by manual.

1.2 Structure form:tube core rotation and travel, spray head stationary, Roller wheel and motor is directly connected which has the stable transmission capability, high speed no vibration, long life and other advantages;

1.3 Maximum capacity: 250kg/min, Mortar rebound rate: ≤25%.

1.4 Spraying roller distance adjusting range≥700mm,spraying roller

1.5 Application:minimum can meet DN600 tube core, maximum satisfy DN1600 tube core cement spraying, tube core length can be adjusted manually for the 3 m or 6 m; cement spraying thickness 25 mm or less

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2.DN1400-3200*6000mm Vertical Concrete Spraying Machine

2.1 PLC central control,, rotary table frequency control

2.2 The biggest roller spraying capacity:350kg/min

2.3 Roller diameter:600mm,linear velocity:48.5m/s

2.4 Roller system up speed:0-750mm/min

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